• Daily Prayer

Our facility opens for 5 times daily prayer. The current month's prayer schedule can be seen HERE.


  • Friday Prayer

We conduct a schedule base on the season.
  - Winter schedule at 12:30 PM
  - Summer schedule at 1 PM


Masjid Al-Falah Philadelphia facilitates the marriage ceremony in our center. In accordance with Islamic law. Masjid Al-Falah Philadelphia only officiates marriage for couples who already have court paperwork completed. Please contact our office at 267-752-4968 or email for the appointment schedule and document requirements at least 4 weeks prior to the marriage.


Masjid Al-Falah Philadelphia assists community member who needs funeral service. We provide guidance for family members to arrange funeral homes that we are affiliated with Khadija Funeral, our current partnership, Sholat Jenazah will be held at the funeral house, and burial. Please contact us at 267-752-4968 for funeral assistance and guidance.


Masjid Al-Falah Philadelphia provides hardship assistance for community members who are in need. We also spread the fund to Indonesia which has been more impactful because the economy of the country is way less than most of the people who live in the US. Please click Donate Now.